Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Means Mooshu!

Welcome everyone! Mooshu is a very crowded world in the spiral. Who doesn't love mooshu? I know i do! The new packs that are out are mooshu themed and everything. So go on over to the crowns shop and buy them packs. I believe they are the Kirin hoard and the new Ninja Lore! Kirin hoard packs are the one with the weird mount so? And the new pack can give you new spells to keep not treasures! Yay me want! But sadly I didn't get any of the spells they are giving (Ninja pig, Samurai, and Goat Monk). So hope you guys get the spells because there is no hope for me. It stinks my luck ran out again but the gear is good too. Now, wizards please train those pets lets see what they give, and so we can all hatch, I'm so lucky I got a pet. The pets are the Shenlong dragon. Hmm? Who that remind you of? It reminds me of Shenron the dragon from Dragonball Z! Man I love that show. So thats it for now so Keep on Keeping on.

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