Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mega pets

mega pets are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a fifth pet level awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! icant wait for it to come out i am going to train my 72 pedigree tempest hound i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                       til nextime

Monday, July 2, 2012

the new bundle!

hey guys guess what ? ive got some news about a new bundle! :) well this ones special it gives  a pet monkey! that wears a hat! thats awsome! i cant wait for my run run rikshaw mount and my sohei gear too. as soon as it hits the stores i gonna run run like my rikshaw will.
                                                   cya nextime,
                                               allan skullwraith

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One in a Million!

Well, you all heard about wizard101 secret badge right? No? It's called the One in a Million badge. This is of course a secret badge like the shopper badge that you get from buying at a secret place in krokotopia. Do you know how to obtain this awesome badge? No? Well it's very simple just do a battle strike on enemies not wizards thats a MILLION or OVER! Word of advise use treasure cards and item cards like I did. Also have some help to do this. I used my balance wizard to help me blade and trap. Trevor Earthmask (balance) had feint idea cards that helped a lot. Try to farm treasures and go to the Bazaar see if they have it there. Once you get prepared with all the gear and cards needed, Just Have Fun With It! Hope you can get the badge! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finally! The Moment We all been WAITING FOR!

Drum role please!  "Bang on Drums" "Bang on drums"

Avalon is Coming Out Tomorrow! Sorry i'm so excited I ignored test to wait for this moment. Now it's Finally here!

Here Wizard101 Facebook Message:                                  

Wizard101 will be offline tonight from 3am to 5am Central Time to bring you the new world of Avalon and more!
So it's time to get those Subs and Crowns folks! Because it's Avalon time! Hope to see you there! All hail King Artorius!
Were coming for you morganthe better be ready! From the shadows we strike!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kingsisle New Game?... Pirate101!

Sign up for a closed beta now!

This world is for pirate lovers and wizard101 lovers! Of course this game is family friendly from Kingsisle the makers of the best and their first successful game Wizard101! In my opinion it's kinda weird they kept with the 101 part of each game name but whatever! Here a video on the game so far.

There also a new battle system of this game so thats pretty cool! Sad no more turn base card style i like :( smurf. New story line to know and explore new worlds and also old ones that are from Wizard101. I like the fact they took old enemies we all love to destroy from Wizard101 to Pirate101. Please note that when signing up for Pirate101 use the same username and password from Wizard101 to use the same crowns amount. When it comes out on beta or live I'll meet you there guys! Arr Scallywags!

                                                           " See you in Pirate101 Arr! "

P.S. Drop those blades and traps and pick up them swords and pistols were PIRATES NOW!

                                                               " Advast ye matey "

Saturday, April 21, 2012

10 pip spell ideas

storm -  riptide
 10 pips
70% accuracy
1275 damage to all

ice- clawed
10 pips
80% accuracy
945 damage + stun to all

fire- promethius
10 pips
75% accuracy
over time spell
over 3 rounds

myth- spearman
10 pips
80% accuracy
915to all + dispel myth

death-  black whole
85% accuracy
550 to all + dispel death + fient to all + - 20 % weakness

life-  spirit savior
10 pips
aoe heal
1390 heal to all friends + + 10% accuracy boost blade

balance- magic blade
          10 pips
 100% accuracy
+ 175% tough to next spell
to any school to all

                          i hope you like the spell ideas i came up with
                                            till nextime
                                          allan skullwraith

Monday, April 9, 2012

Wow that Quick KI? Gasp! Avalon on Test!

                           Introducing the World of Avalon

     Within the time I found out the puzzle was complete to Avalon being on test realm was pretty fast. I was quite surprised.

 Avalon is a large world with 15 expansive areas to explore. Young Wizards who are a minimum of level 70 and have completed the quest "Through Glass, Darkly" need to speak to Merle Ambrose who will send you off on your adventures with a quest named "This Little Light of Mine".

      I kinda like the little symbol for the new world. You know wizards when you go in the world tree and see the world names next to that pic.

                                                     New Utility Spells for All Schools!

So it seems the way to get new spells is to beat certain quests and have the requirements also the lvl you get the spells are 70, 72, 75, 80. Also heres one I like prisms that go to all enemies. Thats a big help and a spell that should of been made a long time ago.
Try to figure out what spells these are? Not so sure if i like them or not then again Avalon not out so we'll see.           

                                                           New Level 78 Pet Quests
Wonder what they would be?! Since I'm fire i guess my a Efreet i hope! These are gonna be great pets. I can feel it in the force. Wrong thing i mean spiral. Psst...there are also all new hybrids!

                      Wizards can now achieve Level 80!

This is gonna be an awesome lvl cap but it's still sad were leaving Zafaria already. Training Points will be awarded at level 75 and 80 as usual, plus there will be bonus Training Points available through quests in Avalon.

                                           Other Updates!

The other updates are Inventory updates Kingsisle wants us to clean out them banks and help others who are looking for those gear items. Gardening been increased to Rank 15. So you gardeners get on over there and plant! Plant! Plant! Also say hi to Goog for me! Now wizards can display our wand items in our houses a great thing people been asking for a while and they did it. Btw check the wizard101 site for more of their updates on the game. Cya!