Monday, March 12, 2012

The Crafting Chronicles

After a weird glitch with my crafting quest, I can now craft once again! I got pretty far into it in less than a week. Only because I used other reagents from my other wizards. Quick and Easy! I am now a grandmaster artisan yay! Soon I will be making a Celestian Obsevatory I hope :( Please comment below on how long it takes to make one. I may need to do crazy farming on how long I heard it took Stephen Spiritcaller to make one. If you don't know what to craft or have to craft this house with here are the recipes used to make it.

Ok I can't give any credit to me for fixing out that crafting quest problem. My friend on Wizard named Andrew FrostHunter helped me out to get back into crafting. So I thank you Andrew, and it turned out that it wasn't a glitch at all I had to do was to buy the items in the bazaar because I already crafted it and just hand them in. :( No fair a year I been neglecting crafting for a year and NOW I'M A GRANDMASTER ARTISAN!

Since i got back into crafting i did all the crafting quests and crafting a few great items. I crafted a pavilion, wintertusk gear the athame and the life sword. I bought all the stations and those transmutes are a big help. So close to becoming a Legend Artisan can't wait! Now let me tell you how easy it was for me to become a Grandmaster Artisan. Here's the pic from when i got the recipe for the item, already almost had all the reagents for it.

Obviously the hardest part was getting the polymorph treant tresures for it but other that no biggy! It seems that the longest crafting quest is the Master artisan quest, So Far. I think my next poll might be what would the next badge for crafting be called? Comment on what you think it would be. That's it for now so stay tuned for another Crafting Chrinicles and next week maybe Allan or I will be talking about farming plants or housing.

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