Friday, February 24, 2012


Who doesn't love that little green creature popping out to help heal you for a small amount of health. Because if you don't well your lost... Sprite is awesome! Especially when a pet can randomly cast it! What with boost to back it up... You can heal more than a regular pixie could without using up pips, how awesome is that. If you don't have boost I suggest you get it this could help in hard battles in worlds like celestia, zafaria, wintertusk, etc. Pretty much sprite may cast is useful for any lvl any world. Sprite's normal spell is good to bring back a teammate but in my opinion not a heal to rely on. "Oh!Hi!" then that cute little sprite heals ya for 30 reg. to 50 for may cast then over time heal does 270 reg. and about 300 or more for the may cast sprite. Also another great part is the may cast is obviously free of pips and your pet could cast multiple times in one battle, That's what I call EPIC! We all know it at times that may cast we all love did save our lives in battle a lot. So lets give it up to that spell for being there when we needed it! And we thank you sprite!
Sprite! Stay Green! And Recycle!

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