Wednesday, February 22, 2012

About Us!

Hello! Do know us? But we know you! JK. Unless your our friends on wizard101. Hey it's Sean Dragonhammer and Allan Skullwraith here to bring more news to the spiral. We been long time players of Wizard101 but not since beta... said isn't it. Thing is we been playing since Zeke was in olde town not the commons... wow do you remember that! Those were the wizard101 good old days. But wizard101 went a long way from that, now there is critical and block and pierce abilities. These things changed the course of this awesome game. Ok back to me talking me lol and my cousin. We are both level 70 wizards. I'm a fire wizard and my cousin Allan is an ice wizard. I'm great at battling and pvp... but only with my level 70 death wiz... and allan is awesome at pet training and likes to hatch a lot. So if you meet Allan in game please hatch with him, so he doesn't annoy me to hatch with him. And if you meet me in game just beware i might not gift you something. That's it for now so keep the fire buring and put the ice in the fridge.

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