Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One in a Million!

Well, you all heard about wizard101 secret badge right? No? It's called the One in a Million badge. This is of course a secret badge like the shopper badge that you get from buying at a secret place in krokotopia. Do you know how to obtain this awesome badge? No? Well it's very simple just do a battle strike on enemies not wizards thats a MILLION or OVER! Word of advise use treasure cards and item cards like I did. Also have some help to do this. I used my balance wizard to help me blade and trap. Trevor Earthmask (balance) had feint idea cards that helped a lot. Try to farm treasures and go to the Bazaar see if they have it there. Once you get prepared with all the gear and cards needed, Just Have Fun With It! Hope you can get the badge! :)

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