Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kingsisle New Game?... Pirate101!

Sign up for a closed beta now!

This world is for pirate lovers and wizard101 lovers! Of course this game is family friendly from Kingsisle the makers of the best and their first successful game Wizard101! In my opinion it's kinda weird they kept with the 101 part of each game name but whatever! Here a video on the game so far.

There also a new battle system of this game so thats pretty cool! Sad no more turn base card style i like :( smurf. New story line to know and explore new worlds and also old ones that are from Wizard101. I like the fact they took old enemies we all love to destroy from Wizard101 to Pirate101. Please note that when signing up for Pirate101 use the same username and password from Wizard101 to use the same crowns amount. When it comes out on beta or live I'll meet you there guys! Arr Scallywags!

                                                           " See you in Pirate101 Arr! "

P.S. Drop those blades and traps and pick up them swords and pistols were PIRATES NOW!

                                                               " Advast ye matey "

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